Horizontal timeline does not work properly on cell phone

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  • Nikolai

    Hello, I have put a horizontal timeline on one of my pages (see private section). This works normally on the laptop, but not on mobile. On mobile, instead of scrolling one slide further, it always scrolls only half a slide further. This results in the fact that not all slides can be viewed. I have already tried to set “Slides to show” to 1 in the Elementor settings. If you then save, it also works briefly but with a next change on the page, as before, only half of a slide is scrolled on. It would be nice if you fix the problem and you can use the horizontal timeline normally. The access to the page, as well as other useful info is in the private section.


    I performed my tests on iPhone 11 safari and chrome. I didn’t see any errors on mobile. Your website is running smoothly. Could you test it on a different device?


    Hi. With every phone I test it on, it doesnt work properly.
    Below is a link to a video filmed on google pixel 7 pro with chrome.
    Also my client has an iphone which doesnt work either


    Hi, I watched the video you posted and performed all the tests again in chrome and safari. It’s working fine too. I will send this issue to the developer as well. He will also perform different tests on his own devices. I will keep you updated.


    Hi, I have just checked on your site on two different mobiles on android 12, and your horizontal timeline scrolls and behaves as it should, sorry we can’t detect any problem.

    Have a nice day!

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