How improve mobile pagespeed score?

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  • Chris ATX

    Hi team,

    I’m using A2 Hosting Max with 4GB RAM, only 5-10% resource usage, on a super fast server.

    Other sites are fast but my Efor theme is struggling badly on Mobile.

    Desktop is acceptable (94), but mobile (62) is not.
    I’ve already
    – implemented + configured Optimole
    – implemented W3 Total Cache
    – images have been optimized
    – removed every possible plugin that is not in use.
    – removed apps that are not absolutely necessary such as scroll to top.

    I’ve been at it for a few days now but I have been unable to get the Performance of the mobile version higher than 67.

    How do I get it in the 90ies range on Mobile for the Efor theme?

    The biggest problems are
    First Contentful Paint: 4.2s
    Largest Contentful Paint: 6.4s <—
    Thread work: 3s


    I will discuss this issue with our developer and i will keep you updated.

    Mehmet S.

    Hi, could you share your active plugins please? You can use the private content box.


    Chris ATX


    I’m using the following stack:

    (1) Basic Theme Related
    – Pixelwars Core
    – Elementor (Basic)
    – JetElements for Elementor
    – WooCommerce
    – Payment Plugins for Paypal WooCommerce
    – Payment Plugins for Stripe WooCommerce

    Woocommerce code on non-shop pages is already disabled via functions in Fluent Snippets.

    (2) Server optimization (Running 4GB Ram A2 Turbo Hosting Max Litespeed]
    – Redis Object Cache
    – ImageOptimization by Optimole (Basic)
    – W3TotalCache

    (3) Essential for conversions
    – Google Analytics by MonsterInsights (Basic)
    – Rankmath SEO (Pro)
    – Fluent Forms (Pro)
    – Fluent CRM (Pro)
    – Fluent Snippets
    – Fluent SMTP
    – PrettyLinks (Basic)
    – SuperSocializer

    These run mostly on the backend.
    Disabling them had no effect on the Pagespeed score

    (4) Backand / Admin / Security tools
    – Duplicate Page
    – WP Add Mime Types (to Enable Epub)
    – Network Subsite User Registration (disabled on multisite)
    – Edit Author Slug (for protection)
    – Solid Security (Basic)

    I also ran a test on the same demo theme but from your server and it returned similar results where core web vitals failed on mobile with a score of 40.

    Anything I can do to help improve it, please let me know, as pagespeed is vital for our sites to rank in highly competitive markets.

    Chris ATX

    It seems that way too many theme resources are loaded on each page, even when they may not be needed.

    I also get a similar warning in RankMath SEO Pro as can be seen below.

    Your homepage makes 63 requests. More than 20 requests can result in slow page loading.

    Chris ATX

    total: 63
    images: 3
    js: 34
    stylesheets: 26


    I will discuss this issue with our developer and I will keep you updated.


    Hi, to decrease the request count, make sure to activate minify and combine for CSS and js files from W3 Total Cache settings.


    Chris ATX

    Hi Ahmet, Serkan, dev team,

    Over the past 5 hours I’ve tried every possible combination.

    – First I minified and combined the CSS. It resulted in less requests but no real improvement in PSI mobile score.
    – I also combined JS, which did result in less requests but no increase in PSI mobile score.
    – When minifying JS was added, errors were logged in the console, and the page didn’t load optimally.
    – I’ve tried every possible combination, even trying to accomplish things later on on CloudFlare’s end.

    During all of this, I’ve never seen a score greater than 69 on mobile.

    It would really be good if we could get a list of the specific settings in W3TotalCache of how you set it up so that the homepage scores 90+ on mobile as after a few days of I’m about to throw in the towel, as it feels as it’s out of my reach and the theme is not optimized for mobile.

    These are the biggest problems as outlined in

    (1) Largest Contentful Paint element 7,400 ms (!)
    This is the largest contentful element painted within the viewport.
    Load Delay: 5,550 ms
    Render Delay: 990 ms

    (2) Eliminate render-blocking resources Potential savings of 1,760 ms
    Google Fonts CDN 910 ms
    /css?family=…( 760 ms
    /css?family=…( 150 ms

    (3) Reduce UNUSED JavaScript Potential savings of 246 KiB

    (4) Minimize main-thread work 3200 ms (!)
    Consider reducing the time spent parsing, compiling and executing JS.
    Script Evaluation 1,159 ms
    Other 948 ms
    Style & Layout 702 ms

    (5) Preload Largest Contentful Paint image Potential savings of 630 ms (!)
    The sanddunes background 630ms

    (6) Defer offscreen images 508.9kb
    The 3 images of the back side of services
    FYI. Lazyload is on in Optimole.

    I think fixing this is crucial for the SEO ranking of all users of the EFOR theme.


    I will get back to you after discussing what can be done differently with the developer team.


    Hi again, we will try to improve the mobile page speed score with future updates.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Chris ATX

    Thank you. What is the ETA on this, as it is seriously hampering the ranking, and has me consider changing themes.


    Hi again, unfortunately, we can’t give an eta on this topic as it might require modifications on the core files.

    Have a nice day!

    Chris ATX

    Does that mean it’s currently not high on the priority list?

    I’d rather have a straight answer so I can move to another theme if this is something that isn’t planned to be resolved or looked at in the next few months.


    Hi again, yes, unfortunately, it’s currently not high on the priority list right now.

    Have a nice day!

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