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  • DarkWolf

    Hi there,

    Firstly, a massive thank you for developing such a great theme, it’s pretty easy to customise to my liking and I enjoy the functionality. I’m sure I will be adding to the pages over the new few weeks, so here is my first round of questions :)

    Please can you help me with a few things:

    1 – I have deleted the dress & heart icon from the media library, I have used demo02 as a base to get me started. However the icon still appears on my homepage, how can I remove this?

    2 – Is there a captcha plugin or feature that I can activate to use on the contact form?

    3 – At the moment I am seeing # in the URL’s before the page name, is there a way to remove this please?

    4 – I’m not seeing the subscribe to newsletter widget on my blog page, is there something I need to activate?

    5 – According to Limit Login Attempts, there has been 56 just today! Is there anything I can do to prevent this or make the login even more secure?

    6 – On the contact page, the first section in the navigator…I tried to change the text colour to white and the background of the section to black. I can’t see it when i have saved it. For now I have disabled it under Advanced->Visibility>Hide on Mobile/Tablet/Desktop. Is there a way we can get this to appear how I would like it to?

    7 – How can I add an Artstation icon to the social widgets, I cant see it in the list?

    8 – When I have replaced all the demo content with my own, is it safe to delete the demo images from the media library?

    9 – Contact form is not delivering to the specified email address.

    Sorry for the amount of questions, I’m trying to make some good progress so I can show off my work and apply for a new job ASAP.

    Thanking you in advance guys, really appreciate any support you can provide.


    1) I just checked your related url and I haven’t seen the dress icon. It is related your browser cache. If you clear it, the icon will be gone.
    2) We haven’t tested the captcha plugin with the theme. You can use ninja form or contact form 7 plugin for the feature.
    Elements requiring extra javascript to work may not work on pages since the page content is fetched via ajax.
    3) The theme needs the hashtag to work properly. This is the way the theme works, nothing to do about it, sorry.
    4) Sub page’s content is fetched via ajax, so any element which requires extra javascript to work won’t work on your website, sorry but there is nothing we can do about it because of the limitation of the ajax fetched page nature. You can deactivate the Ajax layout and use the newsletter.
    5) We experience too many such login attempts on our personal websites. For this, the firewalls of the hosting companies are relevant. For detailed information, you can contact your hosting company.

    Please next time, don’t ask bundle questions. Create a new topic for your every question if you don’t find the answer in the forum. It can be useful for other people to find their answers.
    I just replied the first 5 questions for you. And it is better if you create a new topic.
    Thanks for your understanding.

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