Sidebar flickering. Infact the right side flickers that damaged my MacDispllay

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    The right side of the post page flickers, specially when you are scrolling the sidebar slowly. The aggressive flickering begins right around middle section of the rightsidebar. That even happens in your demo blog page. Happens Very aggressive in Safari, a little less in Chrome and Firefox. When I happened to look into it using browser’s inspection to see what CSS is in conflict, I let the flickering there for over 35 minutes as I had other jobs to do. When I came back, that flickering actually damaged my 2017 iMac Display with Display Persistence flickering. Even restarting my Mac didn’t resolve my Display Persistence Flickering at the exact spot. It’s dangerous. I couldn’t believe my eyes.


    I will report this issue to our developer and i will keep ypu updated.


    What’s happening your developer is sleeping or what or is in space or moon where you can’t reach them? It’s been six days since I posted the sidebar flickering issue. It took 4 days for you to just say :”…I will report this issue to our developer and i will keep ypu updated…” Now, how many days to get actual fix?

    I also have other concerns:
    1. How to change the wording for “Launch Project” to “Get Started”?
    2. Why doesn’t “Back to Blog” go to “To Grid Blog” when such is selected? When “To Grid Blog” is selected in customizer, it removes the link “Back to Blog”.
    3. Most importantly, appointment shortcode from an appointment plugin doesn’t show in the Ajax Loaded page. I must disable Ajax Load to open new window to show content. How to show shortcode content in Ajax Load page?

    Thank you!


    Hi, on the homepage, sub page’s content is fetched via Ajax, so any element which requires extra JavaScript to work won’t work on your page, sorry but there is nothing we can do about it because of the limitation of the Ajax fetched page nature.
    Can you deactivate the smootscroll issue and check your website again. Sidebar flickerin issue will be fixed.
    I need your website for check the other issue.

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