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  • Chris ATX

    Hi Team,

    I’m updating the site to improve my Google Ranking. SEO on my part is fully completed.
    However Google give the pages an SEO ranking of 92 and accessibility of 93.

    Is it possible to make these small fixes in the next update? That way our sites will rank higher.

    1) Accessibility: For the social links, can you add an aria-label or title? Since there is no content inside the anchor, Google doesn’t know what it is and penalizes. From what I’ve read, those simple solutions should do the trick.

    2) SEO. Links are not crawable shows for and
    Could you use another element instead of A for that?

    Thanks for this awesome theme!

    Chris ATX

    It seems my code was converted to a link here in the forum.

    I’ll rephrase here.

    2) SEO. Links are not crawable shows for

    A class=”menu-toggle”
    A class=”search-toggle toggle-link”

    Can something else instead of an A element be used for that so Google marks it as OK?


    Hi, we will consider this for future updates.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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