Cart & Checkout width show larger now than screen

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  • Chris ATX

    Hi team,

    I don’t know if an update caused it or it’s something I did as I haven’t changed anything in a few days.

    I noticed today that both my Cart and Checkout don’t display correctly on my laptop. Tablet seemed fine.

    The text on the left and the right gets partly hidden outside of view. I’ve cleared the cache, flushed caching on the server and on CloudFlare. Even logged in form VPNs around the world. Still the same. Also a small error is showing on Firefox in the shop dropdown bar.

    I’m sending images in the private content.

    Mehmet S.

    Hi, I have set “Medium width” template for your pages. Please check your website.


    Chris ATX

    Still the same. I had tried all those settings earlier as well.
    Flushed object cache, flushed local cache, no browser cache, flushed CloudFlare cache. Tried different browsers.


    Hi, you can add this custom css code to fix it;

    html body div.wp-block-woocommerce-cart.alignwide {
        max-width: 100% !important;
        width: 100% !important;
        margin-left: 0 !important;

    We will fix it with the next update. Thanks for the feedback!

    Chris ATX

    Hi Ahmet,

    The problem also happens on the checkout page.

    I’ve applied the same temporary style fix also to
    html body div.wp-block-woocommerce-checkout.alignwide

    Can you make sure that also makes it in the next updated so I can remove the temporary code?



    Hi, again sure it will also be fixed with the next update.


    Mehmet S.

    Hi, we have released an update with the fix, you can update your theme now.

    How To Update Your Theme:

    – Update the Pixelwars Core plugin from your “Appearance > Install Theme Plugins” page.
    – Clear your cache.



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